Meet the Team

Team Members

Hana Kawakami Stibingerova Hana Kawakami Stibingerova Hana was born and raised in the Czech Republic. Later she moved to the UK and lived there for ten years. She graduated from Oxford Brooks University with a bachelor’s degree majoring in Japanese language and Japanese Society, and from The University of Sheffield with a master’s degree in Czech/English audio visual translation and subtitling. She’s a native speaker of Czech, and speaks fluent English and Japanese. She’s now living in Japan. She used to teach English and Czech to Japanese students but now devotes her time to her son. She likes sports and fitness, especially jogging, squash and snowboarding.
Martin Ondracek Martin Ondracek Martin Ondracek was born and raised in Brno in the Czech Republic. He has a law degree and worked as a lawyer for eight years. Since moving to Japan, he’s taught Czech and English to Japanese students. He is a native speaker of Czech and is fluent in English and Japanese, and speaks some Russian. He likes traveling and reading books.
Adéla Ogino Adéla Ogino Adela was born in the Czech Republic and has a degree in European studies and journalism. She lived in the Czech Republic and Belgium and worked in the field of international relations before moving to Japan in 2012. She speaks Czech, English, and Japanese. She loves traveling and exploring different cultures. She has also worked as a volunteer teacher in Himalayan schools in Ladakh, Northern India.
Veronika Ageiwa Veronika Ageiwa Veronika was born in Prague in the Czech Republic. She holds dual master’s degrees in translating and interpreting and sociology from Charles University in Prague. She has also studied at the University of Leipzig, the University of Germersheim, and the University of Vienna. She is a translator and interpreter and has been teaching languages for around ten years, including teaching Czech at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her mother tongue is Czech, but she is also fluent in German, English, and Japanese. She is passionate about learning and teaching foreign languages.
Karin Pisarikova Karin Pisarikova Karin Pisarikova was born in Brno in the Czech Republic and has lived in Tokyo for eight years. Apart from Czech, she speaks Italian, German, English, and Japanese. She first went to Japan as an exchange student and received her master’s and PhDs from Tama Art University in Tokyo.
Karin is a practicing artist and lecturer at Joshibi University of Art and Design.
Barbora Fenclova Barbora Fenclova Barbora was born and raised in Hřovice, Czech Republic. She has lived in the U.S., Norway and she recently moved to Slovenia where she studies Business and Economics at the University of Ljubljana. She previously attended an undergraduate program of Diplomacy and International Studies at the University of Economics in Prague. She is a native speaker of Czech and is also fluent in English, Spanish, and Norwegian. She likes cooking, traveling, and getting to know new cultures.