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Tamara Lester
Tamara Lester
I subscribed for a few months before my trip to Czech Republic. Everything Martin says on his podcasts is TRUE. Czech people are the kindest, friendliest, people I’ve ever met. IF you take the time to learn a few simple phrases! I turned heads asking “where is the women’s bathroom?” haha. Seriously. Whenever I said anything, I was told “You don’t speak with an accent!” “you said that perfectly!” I didn’t learn much, as my brain is slow at my old age, but I practiced over and over and over before I went. Many were surprised I even bothered to learn Czech (“WHY are you bothering to learn Czech?” —from the son of a Czech friend I met). I will learn more, and I enjoy the fun ways in which you present the material. I do hope to return someday to CR. Hopefully, they will still be speaking Czech and not English!