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NEW! Complete Czech Assignments, Earn NEW Badges, Level Up Your Czech

New Feature! Level Up Your Czech and Earn Badges with 1-on-1 Learning

Hello Listener,

(This is all about new achievement badges at CzechClass101. Keep reading!)

Let’s say you JUST finished a Czech lesson. For example, an assignment like…

  • You write a self-introduction in Czech
  • You record your self-introduction via audio or video
  • You send an image to your teacher that’s related to Czech
  • …or you complete a weekly writing task

Then, you send it over. Your CzechClass101 teacher checks it. Approves it.

Ding! You get a new achievement badge for your hard work. It’s your mark of progress. It definitely sends a burst of Czech learning motivation into your brain!

What does this mean? It’s proof that your Czech is improving, as confirmed by a real Czech teacher. Real proof that you’re well on your way to mastering the language. And it’s an awesome way to stay confident and motivated in your learning journey.

It also means achievement badges are now available at CzechClass101. You’re learning Czech. You deserve recognition and motivation. So, if you’re a Premium PLUS member, you can now unlock badges as you level up your Czech. Your Premium PLUS teacher will give out badges as you complete new assignments!

Click here to visit My Teacher at CzechClass101!
(For Premium PLUS users: Complete assignments and get badges from your teacher)

New Feature! Level Up Your Czech and Earn Badges with 1-on-1 Learning

Listeners, this is something many of you have been asking for.

Alright, how does this work and how can you unlock badges?
CzechClass101 Badges are currently available to Premium PLUS subscribers. Don’t worry, more are on the way for other users! Here’s how it works!

With Premium PLUS, you learn with your own Teacher. You stay in 1-on-1 contact via My Teacher – whether the mobile app or directly on the CzechClass101 site.

Your teacher gives you Czech assignments. That’s right, you’re not learning alone! You get various assignments. Your teacher will correct your Czech and give feedback. You can do this via text or audio or video recordings.

And you earn badges for completing assignments – from your teacher. This is how you know you’re mastering Czech.

You’re getting feedback from the one person that knows best.

A real Czech teacher.

Find your unlocked badges in My Account. Once you’re there, go to the “My Report” Tab and click on “Your Badges.” So, if you’re a Premium PLUS user, get in touch with your teacher on CzechClass101. Then, start earning badges and leveling up your Czech.

Click here to see your badges inside My Account!
(For Premium PLUS users only)

If you’re new, you might be asking “What’s Premium PLUS?”
Premium PLUS combines 1-on-1 learning with your own teacher PLUS our learning system. You get the best of both worlds – unlimited CzechClass101 Premium access, which includes 210+ audio and video lessons, PDF lesson notes, study tools and more – plus, you get a teacher who creates a personalized learning plan and guides you along the way.

If you want to unlock Premium PLUS at 30% OFF, take advantage of our discount. Click on the link below. This quick discount ends October 2nd, 2015!

To earning badges and learning Czech!

Team CzechClass101

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